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Tourist traps, step aside! Eat where the locals eat, which is not the Quarter.
We do NOT serve you Pralines and Jambalaya in fact we don't go near those tourist foods. With us you eat what we eat in Da Big Easy. Experience New Orleans in our shoes, the history, the culture and the seafood. Rich in French heritage those techniques have been taken by our immigrant population and turned into what is arguably some of the best food in the world.

When you join our Award-winning French Quarter Food Tours New Orleans, we'll show you the Big Easy like you never seen it before. We will tease, tempt, taunt and tantalize you into trying the tasty tidbits that make up your daily bread. You'll take in the architecture of homes, learn about our culture, as you are teased, tempted, taunted and tantalized into trying tasty tidbits. With evening tours for post convention you no longer have to decide between dinner and a tour.

We suggest you take the Streetcar to join us for the tour. It is 1.25 each way and a lovely ride, which can set the Big Easy mood.

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Upgraded Cocktail Package

For those 21 and over with valid ID we are please to offer a cocktail package. 3 cocktails including the Fresco Margarita, the Hurricane (New Orleans Signature drink) and the Sazarac, a bit of our history. This can only be purchased in addition to the food tour and is not available by itself. For more details click here

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New Orleans Food Tours

Our guides take you to Carrollton, a real street where you dine with the locals. 3 hours of seafood, conversation, architecture and history uptown. Our ancestors settle down here to take in the hunting and fishing. We still live on the bounty from the Gulf Coast. Three centuries of immigrants have shaped this food and these foreign influences continue to this day. Every bite we taste is a result of those that came before us.

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French Quarter Food Tour

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French Quarter Food Tours

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Is our nickname cause we take it easy. We don't walk too fast, we smile and say hey, we delight in our architecture and the nature that surrounds us. We have parties and festivals all year long where we can dress up and dance in the streets. We will share that with all ya'all. Come be a part of it.

French Quarter Food Tours

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